Marist Rugby Canberra

Registration 2024

Registrations for the 2024 Rugby Season are now open

To be eligible to represent Marist Rugby Canberra, the player must be a current student of Marist College Canberra.

The fee for the 2024 season is between $260 to $310 per player (depending on your age group level). This fee is broken in to four parts, the ACT Junior Rugby Union fee, the State fee, the National Player Insurance Levy and the MRC fee. (Rugby Xplorer charges an additional 2% transaction fee at checkout). The breakdown of fees is provided in your tax invoice via email on payment.

Club Fee: The MRC fee, covers team registration fees, the purchase of equipment, services such as Strength & Conditioning, and club administration fees (including season presentation awards).

Full payment is required at the time of registration through Rugby Xplorer   

Note: Registration fees may not be able to be refunded in full and an administration fee may be deducted from the MRC fee.  Full details of the Rugby Australia refund policy can be found here. Rugby Australia do not refund the National Player Insurance levy.

Please contact the Registrar if you need assistance with registration. 

Teams heavily rely on the support of volunteers, especially Coaches, Managers and First Aid officers. Without this support teams will not be able to play. 

Volunteers are required to register through Rugby Xplorer as well as complete mandatory training (SmartRugby/First Aid Certificate). Please contact the club for more details about how you can participate.

Marist Sporting teams are involved in age-based competitions. Therefore, the initial starting point of any registration process is by age group. Boys are to play within their age group. 

Throughout the U/10-U/16 age groups, boys are not promoted up an age group based on ability, if Marist is represented in the highest division of their age. Changes to an age group allocation will only occur if there is an administrative requirement (such as an imbalance in player numbers) that has been identified and approved by the MRC.

Playing sport promotes opportunities for boys to develop new friendships. A request to play out of their age group due to friendships is not deemed a valid reason.

During some years, the registration process may generate issues within age groups which cause difficulty in forming viable teams due to the number of boys registered. If this scenario presents itself, Club Presidents and College Sports Coordinators will facilitate the process of moving boys to ensure the college can provide viable teams and promote the opportunity for maximum participation of all boys. The College Head of Sport is to be consulted if there are any concerns raised during this process.

Family circumstances that are brought to the knowledge of the College or Club will also be considered to ensure that we support the needs of that family.

Age groups for the 2023 Season are as follows:

  • Under 10 – born in 2014
  • Under 11 – born in 2013
  • Under 12 – born in 2012
  • Under 13 – born in 2011
  • Under 14 – born in 2010
  • Under 15 – born in 2009
  • Under 16 – born in 2008
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd XV – born in 2007 or 2006

The scheduling of games is at the discretion of the ACTJRU. There are standard playing times, however some away games out of the ACT will have varied timings to assist traveling teams.

Once your son is assigned to a team, your manager will provide details including your training day and time and when your games will be played. Games are generally Saturdays, younger teams play first thing in the morning and the older boys play mid to late afternoon.

Boys are required to wear Marist Rugby Uniform including Jersey, Shorts and Socks. Mouthguards are mandatory and head gear is optional and encouraged. Uniforms are available for purchase from the uniform shop.

Please check your player profile during the Rugby Xplorer registration process and include your son’s age group, height and weight.

It is important that you are registered as a Marist Rugby Club Website Member as your login will give you access to your son/s ‘My Team’ page and volunteer rosters etc. Setting up your profile takes 2 minutes, this is a lifetime login and only has to be set up once. A user can be associated with multiple players. Please click here to register.

Rugby Australia is committed to player safety and longevity. That’s why we’re backing World Rugby’s recommendation to lower the tackle height in the community game to below the sternum.

Rugby Australia has confirmed that from February 2024, it will implement a new trial that will see the legal height of tackles in the game lowered to below the sternum. The new law (9.13) will see dangerous tackling now deemed to include, but not be limited to, tackling or attempting to tackle an opponent above the line of the sternum. For more information please click HERE