Marist Rugby Canberra

Kale McIntyre

Under 12 Marist Royal Best Forward 2023


Position played in 2023? #8, #6 and Prop

First Rugby Club – Tuggeranong Vikings

What does your coach say often? – “Poke your chest out like a chicken” when we are using the scrum machine at training

Who is your favourite Player? – Rob Valentini

What is your favorite sports team? – Tampa Bay Rays (MLB)

Which teammate is the funniest? – Niky Hill

What is your favourite restaurant? – China Tea House

Your favourite movie: White Chicks

Your favourite song: Drip to hard by Lil Baby and Gunna

Your favourite TV show: Battlebots

Name 3 famous people you would invite over for tea: Elly De La Cruz, Rob Valentini and Francisco Lindor

Favourite holiday spot: USA

What do you want to be when you grow up (apart from a Rugby player)? Major League Baseball player or an Architect

Favourite memory in your footy career so far is: Getting selected for ACT U12 Junior Brumbies team