Marist Rugby Canberra

Henry ‘Horse’ Pearce

Under 15 Marist Blue Best Forward 2023


Position played in 2023? No. 8

First Rugby Club: Royals

What does your coach say often?: Not much, he is a man of few words (I do listen Coach, I promise!)

Who is your favourite Player?: Nic White

What is your favourite sports team?: Brumbies

Which teammate is the funniest?: Tom Carter

What is your favourite restaurant?: Dumpling Social

Your favourite movie: Hunger Games (it inspires my rugby…)

Your favourite song: Lots- I just press shuffle and go!

Your favourite TV show: Arcane

Name 3 famous people you would invite over for tea: Gordon Ramsay (he swears less than my Mum and cooks better than she does); Barack Obama (smart, kind and funny) and Bob Mortimer (very funny!)

Favourite holiday spot: Singapore

What do you want to be when you grow up (apart from a Rugby player)? Tradie- lots of variety and no writing essays!

Favourite memory in your footy career so far is: Beating Dara in the semi-finals in 2022