Marist Rugby Canberra

Claire Pearce – First Aid Coordinator

Claire Pearce is First Aid Coordinator for the Club. This involves making sure all the first aid kits are stocked, and that every team has two qualified First Aid Officers. Rugby is a contact sport and injuries do happen so it is important that all our First Aiders have had basic training so they feel equipped to do their role. The First Aid Officers’ job is to assess the nature of the injury and to provide the injured boy with immediate care. On those rare occasions when more serious injuries occur, the First Aider is not expected to provide medical care- just to keep the injured boy safe and calm until qualified medical care arrives. If you are interested in taking on the First Aid role for your boy’s team, feel free to contact Claire ( and she can talk you through what the role involves and if needed, organise access to training.


Claire has three boys at Marist who between them play five different sports so when she isn’t watching the boys’ sport you’ll find her Ubering children between venues and washing dirty kit!