Marist Rugby Canberra

Beulah, Anne & Emma – Sponsorship & Events

Beulah Jud-Brettingham and Anne Gaha are the face of the MRC Sponsorship and Events team with Emma Smith assisting behind the scenes.  2023 has seen an unprecedented engagement with the broader Marist community to seek sponsorship and these ladies have moved mountains to raise funds that will drive coach development, player rego at carnivals, interschool gala days and  specialised programs focussing on the health and safety of our boys.  Sponsorship also greatly assists the purchase and upgrade of equipment required for training and game days.

Whilst Beulah has two of her own boys (a former student and a current Marist boy) she also is Mum to the wider community of boys at Marist and within the rugby clubs.  She is well known amongst the families for her compassion and friendship (including head turning cheering from the sideline).  Beulah works within the school environment and is an invaluable asset to the committee.

Anne also has two children, a boy at Marist and a daughter.  Working in her family business, she brings a wealth of knowledge and invaluable connections to the club.  Anne is also a VOCAL supporter of rugby at Marist (both on the sideline and behind the scenes) and is the first to put her hand up to assist whenever needed.

Emma has two boys at Marist who are rugby fanatics. When not shuttling her boys between training, Emma works in the building industry, supports her husband in their family business and in her spare time (how she finds the time, who knows), she assists the Rugby Committee. Volunteering for the club is her way to give back to the sporting community that has provided immense joy to her boys (but let’s be honest she bloody loves it too!).