Marist Rugby Canberra

Andy Scheele

An Unsung Powerhouse.

Arguably the greatest side to don the blue and blue, the 2017 1st XV Marist Rugby Team was a side overflowing with both team and individual achievements. A Team that defeated St Joseph’s 1st XV at their home ground, helped end the ACT Schoolboy title drought (having not won since 1988), and undeniably won the U18 Grand Final, first time since 2006.

The Team boasted 3 Australian School Boy representatives,1 future Brumby and numerous players that went on to play for higher honours. However, overlooked, was the true powerhouse of the 2017 1st XV side, Andy Scheele.

Andy Scheele, the Platinum GOAT as his teammates call him, was the unsung hero of the 1st XV. Raised on a farm in Bredbo, Andy Scheele wasn’t the most skilled Rugby player, regularly floating in between the 2nd and 1st sides. Not until year 12 did he gain control over his farm strength and things started to click. No game illustrates this more than the 2017 Grand Final against longtime rivals St Edmunds College. Leading up to the Finals the Marist Team were undefeated, however it had been 11 long years since Marist’s last title, and nothing is guaranteed. Despite this, every supporter packed into Vikings Park that afternoon knew by half time that the victory was close at hand, as all eyes were transfixed on the platinum blonde hair of Andy Scheele. Bulldozing his way through the oppositions front row, despite a 20kg disadvantage, Andy Scheele uprooted the St Edmunds scrums, was a pest in the rucks and a threat in the outside channels. Sealing Marist’s victory with a try under the posts to the acclamation of hundreds of his schoolmates. Andy Scheele won the Grand final MVP that day, a medal that only captures a slice of his importance to the 2017 1st XV Marist Rugby Team

Written by: Connor Smith (Marist Old Boy and Rugby Supporter).