Marist Rugby Canberra

Field Marshal & Touch Judge

It is really important for recruitment, retention and to maintain the mateship and spirit of rugby that all our match officials are able to operate in an enjoyable environment along with players and those that support rugby teams. We thank our MRC Field Marshals and Touch Judges for their leadership and recognition of our club values.


The critical role of Field Marshal is to ensure our team’s spectators and supporters are not in breach of the ACTJRU Code of Conduct and in particular there is NO abuse of Match Officials or players. As a Marist Field Marshal your role is specifically to deal with the Marist sideline ONLY. You will encourage our parents to maintain the Marist high standards of sideline behaviour and ensure parents and players are only engaged in positive, sportsmanlike commentary. You are not expected to, or in fact permitted to interfere with the opposing team’s spectators. Where you face a scenario that requires escalation, it is your role to approach the Ground Marshal to request support. Parents please thank and support your Field Marshal as we all do our club and school proud.


A touch judge is an official who monitors the touch-line in a game of rugby union and raises a flag if the ball (or player carrying it) goes into touch. Touch judges also stand behind the posts to confirm that a goal has been scored following a penalty kick or conversion of a try. Those that run the touchline need to be actively supportive of referees and their decisions remembering that many of the refs at the junior games are learning as they go.


We are extremely appreciative of MRC team representatives and adjudicators that ensure the ACTJRU Code of Conduct is followed and are proactive in ensuring players and spectators do not verbally threaten any match officials or question their decisions (especially in a ref’s formative years of learning). Our boys will gain more from witnessing parents and team officials leading with respect, support and courtesy – it’s the collective MRC community responsibility to model the highest level of behaviour as our village raises ‘fine young men’.

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