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Become a Referee (and get paid!)

The rugby community desperately need referees! Plus you will be paid for every game!  Marist Rugby Club will fund your training and your registration fees.

The ACT Rugby Referees Association values the vital role of Rugby Union referees, with local training, payment and support information here.

Rugby Australia supports Referee Rugby courses designed for participants Under 15 years of age.  This is an introductory course to refereeing and will allow kids to referee junior games on weekends supported by senior referee coaches.

For many kids, learning how to referee significantly helps their individual game as they develop a deeper understanding of game law. This skill can also be used for students completing their Duke of Edinburgh and will contribute to their required service hours.

U8 – U12
In order to start refereeing age groups Under 8 to Under 12, you need to do the following:

  1. Attend a Refereeing Kids Rugby course
  2. Pass a Refereeing Kids Rugby online exam

U13 – Seniors
In order to start refereeing age groups of Under 13 up to adult rugby, you need to do the following:

  1. Attend a Foundation course
  2. Pass a Level 1 Referee online exam
  3. Pass a Level 1 Referee competency assessment (to be conducted by the Referee Association).

To find out more please reach out to the ACT Rugby Referees Association

It is really important for recruitment and retention that ALL MATCH OFFICIALS are able to operate in an enjoyable environment along with players and those that support rugby teams.

We are extremely appreciative of Coaches that ensure the ARU ‘Expectations of Behaviour’ guide is followed and are proactive in ensuring players and spectators DO NOT verbally threaten ANY match officials or question their decisions (especially in their 1st year). Those that run the touchline need to be actively supportive of referee decisions also.

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